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Queen 14, 2022 is a few days of the lunar calendar

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July 14, 2022 is July 16, 2022. On July 14, 2022, the 195th day of the 2022, 2022, 170 days from 2022. Let us find out what days are the lunar calendar together on July 14, 2022.

1. July 14, 2022, is a few months old.

Gregorian calendar: Thursday, July 14, 2022 lunar calendar: 202, June, 16 Dry: 寅, 未 月, 辰 日 Chinese Zodiac生 生 属 虎 Rush: Pug (戍) 南 Fetal god: Housing bed Peng Zu: Pleo is not being smashed by Tian Tian's ominous Chen

Second, what is Zodiac? July 14, 2022?

Today is Dragon Day,Ruddled dogDogs are rushed. According to the mission of the Hyprise Principle, the dog is rushing, so people who have a dog in July 14, 2022, need to pay attention.

Third, is the Huangdao Jiki, July 14, 2022?

[Yi] Sacrifice, stove, money capture [忌] open the city

July 14, 2022 is not Huangdaoji Day. Because today is the twelve starryReceipt, Refers to the meaning of the recovery, convergence. Only will converge, request, and bury. In addition, the murder is not suitable.

Fourth, what is the position of the fortune on July 14, 2022?

Guan Causa July 14, 2022North, God positionsoutheast, Fu Shen positionnortheast.

Five, Guan Calenda July 14, July 14

0: 00-0: 59 When the child is horses [] Ask for engagement, marry, ask for money, open market trading [忌] Going to the construction of migration travel alactant sacrifice pray for fasting

1: 00-2: 59 ugly 冲 羊 东 [] Remuneration, seeking health to engage marriage, marry [忌] Going to the trip to repair the dynamic sacrifice to pray for fast

3: 00-4: 59 寅 冲 冲 北 ! []

5: 00-6: 59 冲 冲 西 [] Seeking money [忌] Going to the trip to sacrifice

7: 00-8: 59 Chen time rushing dogs [] Shang Liang Gai House into the trip to travel [忌 忌] None

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