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Dreaming that the Turtle fairy hint

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming that the Turtle fairy hint?I got this dream, the five elements are the soil, the land is symbolized, I have this dream, the fortune is quite meaningful, and the people are harmonious, they are sincerely tied to each other, and the career can have an opportunity, dreaming that the turtle is Da Ji Chang.

Spring dreams of turtles, peach blossoms, emotionally, and others are sincere, the feelings can grow for a long time, the personality is round, and you can include the fault of others, and the love of the love, the relationshipMerchants, mostly.

In summer, I dream of the turtle, the fire, the career is booming, and the people are helping, the wealth is rich. Everything should be sincerely treated with others, and cannot be great due to small loss.

In the autumn, this dream is not smooth, there is a small person in the main business, and it is difficult to make a fortune with him, and it is difficult to see it.

Winter dreams, peach blossoms, the things of emotions should be with sincerity, can't be big due to small loss, the sales industry will dream of the turtle, but the signs of the financial resources, the career is smooth.