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In 2022, the Dragon Lunar Lunar Lunar opened June and the Yellow Dao Jiji will open auspicious day

real teen faith real teen faith

Throughout the era, in the case of high competition pressure, usually many people choose the way to start a business in the heart, so that they can succeed in the future. For people, it is also a valuable experience in their own life. Choosing a suitable one is suitable The opening of time is generally promoted for the development of their own business.

In 2022, the Dragon Lunar Lunar Lunar opened in June

【Grand Calendar】 July 15, 2022

[Lunar calendar] June 17, 20022

【God of Wealth】 Zhengbei

【Hi God】 Northeast

【Fu Shen】 Zhengbei

【Hi God】 Northeast

【Gong Calendar】 July 16, 2022

[Lunar calendar] June 18, 20022

【God of Wealth】 Zhengdong

【Hi God】 Northwest

【Fu Shen】 Southwest

【Hi God】 Northwest

【Gong Calendar】 July 22, 2022

[Lunar calendar] June 24, 2013

【God of Wealth】 Zhengxi

【Hi God】 Southwest

【Fu Shen】 Northwest

【Hi God】 Southwest

【Given】 July 24, 2022

[Lunar calendar] June 26, 20022

【God of Wealth】 Zhengbei

【Hi God】 Southeast

【Fu Shen】 Northeast

【Hi God】 Southeast

【Given】 July 28, 2022

[Lunar calendar] June 30, 20022

【God of Wealth】 Zhengnan

【Hi God】 Zhengnan

【Fu Shen】 Southeast

【Hi God】 Zhengnan

One day Zhang Zhang Jioli

The first -class Ji Ri picks the yellow calendar, the special prime minister picks the birthday, and the eight characters are prosperous, winning at the beginning, below [Kai Ji Dayi] can be combined with the birthday of the birthday.

What you need to pay attention to if you open a business

1. The location of the cash register should be particular about. Where should the cash register be placed on the store? In fact, it is possible to enter the left and right side of the door, which does not have any negative effects. However, there is indeed the best place to place the cash register. It is best to place it in the direction of the door opening direction. If the direction of our door opening is to the right, then the location of the cashier is the left -hand side, and vice versa.

2. There are more things to pay attention to when the store opens. Remember not to be too high in the cashier, because the cashier is too high to block the vigor and block the financial road. However, if the cashier is too low, it will be exposed, and the best cashier height is about 1.2 meters.

3. Crystal balls are also mascots for opening a well -off, and there are many types of crystal balls. We can choose our favorite color placement. Why does the crystal ball bring good luck? Because in Feng Shui, crystal balls are mascots that can absorb negative energy, increase wealth, and enhance career luck. It is said that wearing crystals can still be trapped.