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"Yin Yang Shi" experience service on May 13th announced the announcement of the skill adjustment of God Falling Hachi Great Snake

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The Yinyang Division Experience Service was updated and shared on May 13th. After the Yinyang Division Experience Service was updated on May 13th, the skills of the gods fell into the Eight -Qi Great Snake were adjusted. So what adjustments did this time? Take a look at the update of the Yinyang Teacher Experience Service on May 13.

Yinyang Division Experience Service Update on May 13th

This time, the SP -order gods fall into the Hakki snake.

SP -order gods fell into the Hachiki Snake skills adjustment

1. Adjust the "God's Power" skill effect: unique effect. A total of 6 god swords · Tian Yuyu chopped to suppress. The manifestation of the snake god attitude, which was seized 6%of the first attack of all friends of the friend of his own foreign. It was sealed in one Tian Yudu chop, which used this as energy to help break the seal of Tian Yuyu. When they were killed, they returned all the sealed attacks. If it is continuously applied, the ghost fire increases by 1 point.

2. Adjust the "trial ceremony 'skill effect to: the gesture of the snake god can be applied. [Putting] Breaking the suppression of a Tian Yuyu cut, causing 188%damage to the enemy, and specifying the god of gods to add fall. If the total of 5 Tian Yuyu is cut off, the liberation of the strong evil power will replace the 'god of power' to the 'snake god of snake god'.

Adjust the "trial ceremony 'LV.2 skill upgrade effect to: 20%of the life of the snake god at the time of casting, recover 12%of life for itself

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