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Water life and dwelling husband and wife, can you get the fortune in the water?

real teen faith real teen faith

In fact, the watery and dwellings are generally very good. Because the water destiny is beautiful, the natives are honest and loyal, so it may be very good to outsiders, but they know that they are actually not the same. Many people understand that many people understand There is an idiom called soil and water dissatisfaction. If the fate is wrong, it will bring bad things to both parties. It is not impossible to live together, but the advantages of the two parties will not become obvious because of each other.

1. Destiny in the water and flooding wealth

The natives are loyal and honest, like to be down -to -earth, treat their family and friends very well, take care of the people around them, and they will not care about it. San, this is a very taboo point, because the water destiny is a relatively smooth person, and the water destiny is not afraid of trouble. There is always a way to solve the problem by the problem. Essence

Second, the water destiny

Although the waters seemed to be non -toxic and harmless on the surface, they were deeply inherent and always liked to analyze their own situation, not let themselves suffer, and did not let themselves fall into the mud. It is indeed smooth, so they do not allow themselves to suffer and do not allow them to make mistakes, so sometimes they seem very selfish, so it is not very good at comparing with the natives.

Third, the natives are not in line with three views

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