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Five elements lack of soil 100 points Boy name Daquan, five elements, good names

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The impact of the name on a person is very great, and from the birth of a person, it is accompanied by a person's life. Earth is one of the five elements, which represents the earth and has a thick and practical meaning. Parents are also very troublesome to give their children a name. Through the five elements, they can make up for the shortcomings of the children's five elements, which is conducive to future fortune development. Let's take a look at how to name the five elements of the lack of soil.

The lack of soil -lacking babies naming skills: 1. The word "soil" is named by the word "soil", almost all of which are the words with the five elements of the soil. For boys with the lack of soil in the five elements, use The word "soil" can play the role of the five elements. Among the words "firm", "base", "Wei", "Kun" and other characters with the words "soil" are the best among them Essence Name the baby by the word "soil" can enhance the baby's fortune, and it can also make up for the lack of the five elements of the Middle Earth.

2. In the characters of the Five Elements, in the characters of the Five Elements, "Jin", "Jia", "Chen", "Yan" and other words are more suitable for boys as their names. Very good, the name of a boy who lacks can also enhance fortune. The use of the word of the five elements to give boys to the boy can not only enhance the boy's luck, but also make up for the deficiencies of the five elements.

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