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"Runaway Dungeon" in the early stage of gold strategy

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The game of "Runaway Dungeon" has been launched. Presumably many players want to know how to get gold in the early stage, so today I will introduce you to the initial gold strategy of running away. Essence

"Runaway Dungeon" in the early stage of gold strategy

The suggestions here are just suggestions. You must consider whether you have to get gold according to your actual situation. You must remember that you do n’t save money!

If you want to push the picture, you can first a small monthly card, add experience upgrade and quickly push quickly. If you want a dark card with darkness, 100 dragon crystals per day, you can change a light and dark in 8 days. Card, saving time for diamonds to buy resources.

Other lifelong token and season cards are resources. It is urgent to see the situation. There are often 1 yuan and 6 yuan. These suggestions are on, and the cost -effectiveness is high. Even if I am Bai, I will have a 1 yuan gift package.

The above is the early gold strategy of "Runaway Dungeon". Please continue to pay attention to more game strategies!