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In history, the first pregnancy wood is still a mystery.

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In history, the first pregnancy wood is still a mystery.

According to Ettoday (Reporter Wang Peiyu / Compilation): Poland Warsaw University Research Team In April 2021, the first "pregnancy" mummy was found in the history of "pregnancy" in April 2021. This is the first mummite in the history of the body still have a fetus. According to the study, when this mummy died, the fetus in the belly was about 28 weeks, and according to the position of the fetus and the stateway, she did not die from childbirth.

According to the "Daily Mail" report, Jan Wężyk-rudzki brought back this mummy from Egypt in 1826, and donated it to Warsaw University. Since her life is full of uncertainty, they call her "Mysteries". She was earliered in the Royal Mausoleum of Pis, who died in the first century before the West Yuan, only in 20 years old, but until now no one knows her name.

The archaeologist at Warsaw University studied this mummy and her unborn child. They found through the computer fault and X-ray equipment, the fetus was still retained in the uterus, although not an elegant statement, but the fetus It is like "pickling" in the uterus. This is all because the pH of the blood of the body gradually decreases, resulting in increasing internal acidity, the concentration of ammonia and formic acid increases over time.

In this regard, the research team pointed out that the "mysterious lady" the body of the body will cause the fetus's skeletal departure, so there is only a soft tissue of the fetus to be retained, as if putting an egg into a vinegar. In the eggshell, the minerals in the eggs can dissolve, leaving only proteins with egg yolk. The study team explained that the minerals produced after the fetal skeletal dissolution will deposit into the fetus soft tissue or the interior of the uterus, thereby producing a higher radiological concentration, so they can judge why not generally a general mass through the computer tomography, but the fetus.

With the preliminary study of mysterious women, the researchers are still trying to determine her cause. Although the mysterious lady has a fetus, all the internal organs are all taken, and there is no understanding of the real reasons, but the research group is suspected that such a technique is suspected to be related to beliefs and reincarnation. The research team also emphasized that although this is the first time that there is a fetus in the uterus, they can't determine if it is the only one, that is, there may be other "pregnancy wood Nai Yi" in the museum.