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Blowing into the meat

real teen faith real teen faith

It is inevitable that people who will encounter some temper, when they have come, they will blow me. Of course, such people are more direct, so they will always cause some unnecessary impacts. So what people in the twelve zodiac are blowing and blind, and the temper is very bad? Why are they so?

Belong to a cattle: I don't like hiding a cattle is the only person who is not willing to hide the idea. As long as there are some uncomfortable things, they will tell this thing through the mouth to achieve their own hearts and happy purposes. . If you see that they become particularly violent, it is clear that they must be violated by some things, otherwise they can also talk to Yan Yue.

Tiger: The temper is not good, the temper of the tiger is not good. They can't stand any unfriendly sounds for their own, and as long as they have violated them, they will definitely feed back to the most sharp words. other side. The character of Tiger people has become a foregone, so don't try to change them, it is better to change myself, so it will be better.

At the horse: There is a personality of a horse, is also very simple. It is often a saying that I have two sayings, I have never violated my own ideas. They feel that if a person can't do things in accordance with his own ideas, this person is really too sad. In life, they are willing to be embarrassed, and they will never let themselves can't make mood, this is the characteristics of the horse.

Dog people: violent strain people are natured. They are also born. They are not willing to compromise, and they are not willing to discuss some irrelevant things to others. Everything they think is not necessary, as long as you can do it, then you will not interfere with yourself. Although sometimes the dog is talking on the paper, but at least their intuition is not wrong.