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The marriage and fate of the Dragon people are biased, and it is difficult to pay to the opposite sex in life.

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The people who belong to the dragon are very strong, and everything will be able to complete, but the ability to socialize is very poor, almost rarely find someone to chat, and in love, then passive, then How is the marriage and fate of the Dragon? Next, let's go with Xiaobian.

First, the marriage of the Dragon people is biased towards the passive meeting.

People who belong to the dragons will take the initiative to love others. The performance of love is poor, but fortunately, it is more generous. Although it will ask the friends around you, but you should pay attention to your own image, so it is a dragon person. Marriage and fate may not be very good, to converge your unruly character, gain, see yourself.

When the dragon is in the middle of the people, it will be very tight, although you are gentle to love people, but because of the natural sensitive, the marriage and fate of the dragon are very bad, sometimes it will be emotional. Confusing the love of lovers and mothers, because since the self-esteem is strong, you are afraid of harm to each other in addition to being afraid of harm.

Second, the fate of the Dragon people can make a career

People call the people born in the Year of the Dragon "The Safety Safare", the so-called day chapes, the strong operation of God, in other words, is a symbol of success and happiness. If the people born in the Year of the Dragon can make a career if you can use strong luck.

It is unquestionable to have the ability to lead the people. Because of the rich knowledge, the observation is keen, the gallbladder is high, the character is noble, and the marriage of the dragon and the fate is prejugged in the fate. Everyone naturally gathered under the birthers of the Year of the Dragon.

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