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New Temple Hall on the joint general of Gong Zulan Zang

real teen faith real teen faith

China, there is a customs of the couplets for thousands of years ago. The New Year's post is to pray for the happiness of the coming year. When marriage, the lack of marriage is happy, early birth, the ancestral hall, the ancestral sticker is or in order to express filial piety, or for Song Gao De. In short, the couplet is always given a special meaning. But in order to save things, there is also one who is always for all.

New ancestral hall

Some are valid, but some can meet all times, such as these couplets:

1. It is also an ancestral whip. Spring autumn frost exhibition filial piety.

2, Qi Xia Chi Mountain Advanced; with Yan Binghong Tang;

3, the first age is from Deze; Xiao You Yao Zhu Zuwu;

4, the long-term support of the water. Kong Hui Kong is tidy.

5, the future generations continue to Wing Sun Meng. The poems and good luck.

6, the filial piety is all learned; Jin Ding burns fragrance endage;

7. Spring autumn frost focused; autumn frost spring is ahead.

Couplet sticker

Old habits are written from right left, and they are respectful, so habit will be placed on the right side. Now, writing habits from left to right, so some people will put on the left of the door. Which side should be posted? To see the writing of the horizontal batch, if the batch is written from the right to left, the upper link should be posted on the right, and it will be attached to the left. In addition, it should generally be on the order of the interruption, the tone of the tail of the top, should fall, and the tone of the next line

This falls in a flat voice. However, from the right left couplet or mainstream.

Good couplet criterion

If the above couplement doesn't like it, you can evaluate your own pair of advice according to this. It's good to do, first, the number of words, saying that the top exchange and the number of words are equal, this is to fill in the beautiful scene, and the ancient China is symmetrical as beautiful; second, the words are fairly, the verb pair verbs, adjective pairs ", and relative The word must be in the relative position; third, the structure is commensurate, fourth, flat phase association; fifth, rhythm corresponding.