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The female cattle male is a child who is a child.

real teen faith real teen faith

In the twelve zodiac, each genus is different, there will be the case. Whether it is a couple or a parent, the zodiac is easy to have conflict. Therefore, many parents will look at my own and that zodiac, and finally pregnant before pregnancy. So what is the baby of a female cow and a male chicken?

What is the best in life?Pheasant and Chen Long Liuhe, so the chicken is suitable for a child who is a dragon. Secondly, he is in three with the snake ugly, so the chicken is also suitable for a child who is a snake. The phenanthus is twisted with the rabbit, so the child who is a chicken is the most taboo child. The phenanthus is comparable to that of the dog, so people who are chickens are not healthy children. Sometimes it is also a punishment, and it is a child who is a chicken should also avoid children of the same genus. In summary, a chicken is the most suitable for a child who is a dragon.

Which is a cow and a chickens?According to the ancient hyperplasia, the snake chicken is the same, it is a three-in-law.

So the baby who has a belly snake is the best.

These are a statement in billing. Is not credible.


According to the ancient monarchy.

It is a snake () with monkeys (Shen), is the complex of (), is (Liuhe),

The snake () is combined with the chicken (), the cattle (ugly), is for (酉).

So the snake is in the Lunar New Year (Shen Yue), August ()), December (ugly month), these three months births are the best.

What belongings are the baby's most prosperous?Pig is a very blessing zodiac, there is a zodiac pig in the family, can be familiar, and the company is 30 years. The child is born to be born, more conscious, no need to worry, they are well-sincere, can be kind to the parents. As the saying goes, "The pig is a life treasure, and the feces is soil gold."

The fate is a very magical thing, you know what kind of people will be friends, you don't know what your parents are, everything is because there is a fate that makes you meet.