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It is difficult to hold the three major constellations of the secret, once it is said to them, it is equal to telling the world

real teen faith real teen faith

Have you told others about your secrets, and the world knows the wonderful experience in the world? Or sometimes the tailor makes you conservative secrets, insist on fulfilling your promise, you find that there will be a few days, this secret is still spread, so if you want the secret to not be blot, or always hide in your heart Bar. There are three constellations that are not very good at helping others to keep secrets. This is a heavy burden for them, let us take a moment to look at this question.

Aries: Heart is straight and bad

When you told the Arsh seats, when they arrived until they heard the head, the consequences were in the case of self-control, and the words you just said loudly, then I heard the whole world world. The next you witnessed a big speechless event. So the Aries will apologize to the other person sincerely, and the parties are can't smiling in a embarrassing situation. So drama scenes believe that some people have experienced and forever forget.

Leo: Warah is a bad thing

Sometimes you talk to the Leo, the purpose is to want to solve it in them. If you have suffered unfair treatment, the short lion seating will be easy to control when it is facing third parties alone. Living your own emotions, becoming a person who is more emotional than being bullied, then picking up the other party. Originally wanted to stage a wonderful palace drama, the drama here suddenly stopped, and how to retain the main contradictions later.

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