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Count the most classic Chinese building feng shui

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The Chinese civilization is five thousand years, and the achievements will be tens of millions. Single will not win the extraordinary achievement of architecture. In the past generation, we can all have some representative buildings. For example, the Yinxue of the Shang Dynasty, Qin Shihuang's Lushan Huangling, Tang Dynasty Teng Wang Pavilion, etc. is a famous building. Today, we have selected several style, with distinctive oriental charm, which is specially selected from the perspective of building feng shui.

Hong Kong Bank of China

Belum Ming is full of poetry to describe the BOC Building as pure, but after the completion of the building, people also talked about it. The ridge line is uneasy to the buildings of these sharp corners and ridges.


In the agricultural society in the long-term dependent on the weather, pay attention to the natural environment of Feng Shui say definitely have a lot of practical significance, Beijing most in yo ah ritual buildings - Sanitary old Beijing inner suburbs outside the South, North, East and West four of the Temple of Heaven, Earth, day, month, they are consistent with the congenital gossip, Kunbei, Downtown, Downtown, Niki, tomorrow, Times, respect. Among them, Temple of Heaven is a place where the ancient emperor of "Son" is in the winter solstice day of the cathode, and its purpose is to pray for the rain.

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