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ABO blood type genetic law

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Friends who read this book may have been married, perhaps in love with glue, maybe just married, or is going to marry. After a vigorous, sweet love is a warm family life, and the crystallization of love will soon come or have come to the world, then I don't want to know what the child is bloody? What kind of blood type may there be? Have these kinds of blood type? After returning home, please go on the sofa, the bedside or dining table, the burovers, let go of the day, and let the family read this book together. The blood type is genetically inherited, and everyone inherits the gene of determining the blood type from the sixth issue of the genetic chain of the parental gene. It is well known that many of human performance characteristics are determined by genes. The gene linearly is arranged in the nucleus of the chromosome, which is located in the nucleus of human cells (of course, not only in the nucleus, as long as it is a eukaryotic cell line, there is also in the bodies; and the prokaryotic organism is present in the nucleus region). Humans have obtained 23 chromosomes from the parents, and the fertilized egg is increasing, and it is gradually developed into embryo. The parent characteristics of the child showed the genetic. Specifically to the hematic genetic, its gene is divided into dominant genes and hidden genes. The former, such as A, B blood type gene, the latter, such as the o blood type gene. Therefore, the gene of the O-type blood can only be an O gene, as only two types of hidden genes are combined together will show the genes of the O-blood type L AB blood type blood, and the A and B genes are genes. As for both hematoms and B-type blood, it is relatively complicated. The gene of the A-type blood may be AA or the gene of AO and B-type blood may be BB or BO. The gene combined with the individual of AA and BB has the same allele on the respective site of the chromosome, and is called a homozyme L, and AO and BO are referred to as a heterozygous.