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Dream of Shishan

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of Shi Mountain, I have a five-line main soil, but the symbol of glutulent, the career is high, the small people around, the personality is stubborn, and the wealth is more affected. It is quite a lot of people in the world.Stir than the heart, send it to a dream.

Spring dreams, the career is helping, but the front road is dangerous, only the foot of the land, can be good luck, the people who started, the dream of the fierce, the people who changed their work.

In summer, dreams in Shi Mountain, and the lotus is more than the suspicion of others. The human life is encounter, and the career is more helpful, but the people who urge it are uneasy.

Autumn dreams, although there is a fortune of fortune, it is quite a small person, and it is incorporated with others. It is difficult to thrive, and everything should be cautious. It is impulsive.

Winter dreams, the Turk water is a fortune, but it is invisible, and the cause is more prosperous. This is the mega of Xiangrui, and everything is not greedy.