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"Golden Battle" alchemy mice lineup Raiders neon night lineup alchemy mice how to play

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How to play the battle of the gold shovel shovel? This time, it is a set of neon night lineup alchemy mice, and the source of plague is the core, the strength is very good, then how is the alchemy mouse play? Let us know the neon night lineup together.

Golden shovel shovel emblem mouse lineup Raiders

First, lineup analysis


Hero composition: Mouse, EZ, Singer, Kamir, Werewolf, Klarm, Aike, Salerini / Jess

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In the new version update, the full-level attack power of the mouse has weakened the strength of the previous version of 1 star, weakening means that the strength decreases, from the current version of the environment, it has been seen, the mouse is not there. But what should I play new version?

The current version of the game environment began to speed up, in the high segment 3-1 pull 6 people search 2 star 3 fee card is a very normal thing, and 3 stars have dominated strength in the 3th stage, although weakened, but relative It is a matter of latter 4 or 5th to later, and it is still able to lock blood in the medium term.

After the Ekzi tried to change the version, there were three inventors, assassins and the generos, which enhance the inventor's addition to make the mouse lineup more easily 5 inventers, so the current version of the mouse is the best way to play, medium-term Connest, after the later opening, 5/7 invention, use the inventor's later strength advantage to eat!

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