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Dreaming that the water dispenser is not water, this is not a good sign

real teen faith real teen faith

In fact, there is no water in the water dispenser, it's a very common thing. After all, everyone's water consumption is still very much, and a bucket of water is so much, and there may be more than a dozen people soon can consume. So, if you dream, see what the water dispenser doesn't have water, what is it?

People who plan to go out have dreamed that the water dispenser is not water, indicating that the dream can encounter some difficulties when they go out, but will not let themselves

The people who prepare for the exam will dream of seeing the water dispenser without water, indicating that when dreaming is going to examine, there will always be a pool, which leads to a poor test.

Single men and women dream dreams, the water dispenser is not water, indicating that the feelings of dreams are relatively lacking, and they have never been suitable for themselves.

Those who talk to marriage, dreams that the water dispenser has no water, indicating that there will be cracks between the two sides of men and women, which affects the marriage of the two people and is not good to marry.

People with pregnant people dream dreams that the water dispensing machine has no water, indicating that dreams have recently been relatively large because the baby consumes, leading to their malnutrition, so they need timely supplementary nutrition, if necessary, go to the hospital to do related inspections.

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