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How is white furniture Feng Shui, white furniture is good

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Everyone has their favorite color, then what is white in Feng Shui? How is white furniture fever, white furniture is good? This periodFurnitureTake you to learn how white furniture is water, let's take a look at it.

White furnitureWhite light is composed of light of various colors in the spectrum. In the optical, it is called "white light" in optical radiation light, which is called "white light", the minimum luminous temperature is 2848K, which is equivalent to the temperature of incandescent bulbs; the temperature of white light is 3200K in the theater; the temperature of the day is equivalent to 5400K However, it is included in the red light of the lowest temperature to near 25000K, which is included in the red light of the lowest temperature to near 25000K. But not all black body radiation is white, and the background radiation is also black, only 3K. White with golden shaping tall Yalai, white metal ball combination makes your wedding full of gorgeous light. White with golden shaping high Ali style, white wedding dress with gold wedding shoes, low-key and elegant, gold wedding shoes embellishment makes wedding dress more qualitative. White with golden shaping high or elegant wind, golden cake gorgeous, in white pattern, there is a simple and elegant sense.

White furnitureWhite is a color that enhances the brightness of the space, and for the light of light, it is not a very sufficient home, can play a brightness of the brightness with a white decorative home. At the same time, white from the angle of feng shui is a colorful color, so suitable for everyone to consider using white for primary color decoration home. When choosing white, it is best to choose soft white, such as rice, milky white, etc., avoid choosing white white, which is easy to have a fashionable "hospital white" feel, so pastel white It is the best choice. In addition, from the five-line perspective, friends who have born in spring are more suitable for improvement with white decoction home.

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