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real teen faith real teen faith

1, time, distance is also forgiveness, let some things clearer, let some feelings understand, let everything tend to calm.

2, you have to know that there is nothing you can't do, unless you don't want, there is no more, unless you go back to the road.

3, timely stop loss is very important, some things you have lost, if you can't save, you can do not lose more.

4, life is often like this, you think the hope, in fact, it is a deeper despair; and you think that endless despair, but the corner is full of hopes.

5, you always like to drag things the next day, you can't always drag it, one day, you will have a lot of things to do, your rest of your life is not enough.

6, the ability is insufficient, the dream is more, not worthy of greed; willing to pay, not willing to fight, nothing more than the mourning; repeated entanglement, too serious, nothing more than weak.

7, some people, quarrel with you every day, but never blame you. Some people, even the quarrels, but they have disappeared in the sea, the original, and the indifference is more terrible.

8, I like a song will circulate, fall in love with a person will constantly forgive, but the song will be enough, so people love, but also to hold together.

9, no one will make us get better and better, and time is just a follower. The more and better that supports us is our own talents, cultivation, conduct, and constant reflection and corrections.

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