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2020 May Day, married, cave, wine, wine, auspicious name!

real teen faith real teen faith

Marriage, cave, in most parts of China, must be held, 2020 May Day, married, cave, wine dishes, good name! The lunar calendar is the fourth month of the 2020 rat year. The weather is getting more hot. The lunar calendar is also known as Mengxia, Meiyue, etc.Magic constellationInterpret the topic of knowledge!

"1" mini Buddha jumping wall: 鸾 鸾 喜 神 神 池 "2" Garlic Steamed Lobster: Haiyan Mountain Leaves "3" Protector Vegetables: Silver Window Square Pillow "4" Red Rice Rice Cake: Connected Tongzi Gold "5 "目 丸: 夕 佳 偶 手" 6 "reunion Lotus Louis: Flower group Jinlu Tuan and Hashi - Eight Hot Dispersion:】 Family Happy - Rice Sea Eight Fang, Bifside Shuangfei - Crisp,】 Fish Water Visual - - Milk soup fish circle, Qinsei Homar - 琶 prawns,] Jinwu Tibetan-Bei Xin Spring roll, early birthday, 花 枣 羹, 】鹏 展 展 - 网 油 wings, Wanli Pentium - Stew Gold Kick - 4:】 Sweet, Honey - Festive Cake, Happy Happy - Sandwritten Sugar,] Hot - Sugar Fried Chestnut, round full - Bean Sha

- Although from the festival: May 1st is a day suitable for the caravan, but the day of the 2020th day is not suitable for marriage Lunar New Year's Day Nine, the big (lunar calendar), 2020, 2020, Friday, 2020 Name: Mengxia Wash: Dai Sheng Decoction: Nine Night Moon Peng Zu Baijie: A No Cang Chen is not crying: Long Bi Chong ()) Dog Years: Years of South Star: Southern ghost gold sheep - fierce] The day of the day, Yellow calendar: No marriage, Zhai Yu, sacrifice, fortune Pray-Blessing to set up the product and repair the dynamic vertical column to break the rhinestone to lift the natitis animal boat cover housing migration into the house Anxiang] Wedding ceremonial: - Wedding ceremonial etiquette and pay attention to the cumbersome, from the entry to the vegetables Entering the giving ceremony, the arrangement of the seat, the placement of the dishes, etc. All places have a full range of rules. - Most of the wedding banquets are held in the hotel, local marriage, mostly supported the greenhouses in the local area, and homes with the folks. - When the new wedding car is open to the hotel, the companion must first drive the groom, the groom will drive the bride. - After the groom bride went to the door of the banquet, the parents of each party stood into a row to welcome guests to express their arrival. At that time, most grooms have to bless guests. Wedding day