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Fresh dessert shop name special character nomenclature

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Dessert shop is a paradise of sweet lovers, here, all kinds of desserts can meet our taste buds, fill our happiness, so we can see that dessert shops in the mall are most popular, and this, Why don't we open a dessert store? The following small series will teach a teacher how to give a name to the dessert shop.

Name method

Method 1: Harmonic name method

The name of the homonym is very easy to become a classic, easy to give people a novel and unique feeling, making the dessert shop to the general shop, which makes people feel high and fashion, which attracts the public's sight, bringing more to the store Business. If you want to better play the role of harmonic, you need to use a high-known item as a homophonic object.

Method 2: Add some special characters in the store name

For example, "", "*", "&", "i", "m", etc. are special characters, join these characters to the store name, will look the whole store is high-end, this is because most of the store names The form of pure Chinese is named, so the combination of Chinese and symbols is named, which is easy to give people a sense of eyes.

Method 3: Name according to the main product of the dessert shop

Although the dessert store has a lot of products, some dessert stores will have their own main products, and according to the main product name, similar to the brand name, it can let the public know your main product, then impress you. Deep, and willing to be your customer, such as puff dessert, Cabucheno dessert shop, these store names are sweet, people are very appetite.

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