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How to take a lot of flowers in the house?

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The modern human life is getting bigger and bigger, and the mortgage, the car is not breathed, and people are just spending all the energy, so they are particularly exclusive to the marriage, I don't have time and energy to operate. But everyone will pay special attention to the marriage of the children, and it is not possible to marry marriage. Today, let's take a look at how the marriage feng shui layout!

Retal bed in the room

A person's room bedroom is the longstive place to wait. The layout of the Peach Blossom is the main technique of marriage, according to the nine-palace flying star theory, Jiu Zi Mars is the peach blossom refer to Ji Xing, so Jiu Zi is the best position of the rosar bed in the annual flying. Such as a year, one in the middle of China, Jiu Zi Feiwu southeast, then the Nine Vioxar will enter the master. After the marriage bed is placed in Jiuzi, it is necessary to increase the strength. You can use the red vase to insert a nine red flowers, and the branches are wood, which can be born to nine purples, which can help remind marriage.

A lot of flowers in the house

Peach blossom is marriage, and it is best to benefit. There are a lot of ornaments that can be used to enhance personal peach, and there are personal photos outside the common feng shui ornaments, and the appearance of the color is more beautiful, and the effect is excellent. However, when the vase is placed, it is best to inject water inside, then place some lily, daffodil, etc. to improve the "concentration" of the peach. In addition, there are common decorations such as powder crystals, and there is also a good rumor effect. In this way, the marriage is incident.

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