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"幻" 情 追 追 弥 位置

real teen faith real teen faith

The Ministry of Magic Tower has recently launched intelligence tracking activities. Many small partners want to know where Mitmis in intelligence tracking. Today, Xiaobian has brought you a "幻" intelligence tracking the position list. Take a look at the little friends, hoping to help everyone.

"幻" 情 追 追 弥 位置

First, a list of odous positions

Second, the event details

Activity time: March 24th 12: 00 - April 5, 23:59. A total of 13 days.

In "Information Tracking", we need to find 18 different target wild blame, find the camera mode after opening the upper left corner of the main interface, and take the target. After the photo is completed, you can receive the "encrypted disk" for redemption activities.

Complete a target of a target can get 200 encrypted disks, and 3600 encrypted disks can be obtained.

The above is the full content of Xiaobian 's intelligence about the "Mini Tower" intelligence tracking the location of the Mitmit, more game Raiders, please continue to pay attention!