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2022, the twenty one of the twins, what life

real teen faith real teen faith

In this world, no matter which country's parents, there is a common feature, that is, I love my child. Perhaps, foreign cultures and Chinese culture have a big difference, and in Chinese culture, parents have a very normal thing for their children. Many parents have a good growth environment for their children. All of your own efforts, create a good material basis for your children.

What is life?

Quan Causa birthday: January 12, 2023

Lunar New Day: December 1st

Characters: [寅] [丑] [午]]

Five lines: [Shuimu] [Soil] [Golden Fire]

NAP: [Gold Foil] [Sang Song] [Roadside Tole]

Gengoon Stumn: Five lines

This day's day posture is explained

According to the interpretation of the relationship of the dry branch, I can know that the day is Gengyuan. In this day, people who have been born this day are actively enterprising, brave enough, self-respect, talents, be good at finishing all aspects of friends, balance, stability, but too labor, prevent being used by others Playing tricks, gaining right, confused, being deceived. Died with the day of the day. The Japanese post is Geng Wi, the Japanese posture is as follows: [午] [Shangma] is in the official official, the temperament is clear, but the gold is expensive, but the gold is on fire, there is a fire, so it is a big way. And there is also a big fall. The mouth is fast, the peers are near expensive, small and have a sharp, and Yulu is abundant. Men's rights handle, hard work, outside, admiration; women are beautiful, about beautiful, Rongfu, neighborhood admire.

This day's twelve time

Time 23: 00-00: 59 寅 丑 庚 午

Ugly 01: 00-02: 59 寅 丑 庚 午 丑

寅 03: 00-04: 59 寅 丑 庚 午 寅

卯 05: 00-06: 59 寅 丑 午

Chen time 07: 00-08: 59 寅 丑 Geng Chen

时 09: 00-10: 59 寅 丑 庚 辛 辛 巳

Nunch 11: 00-12: 59 寅 丑 庚 午 午 午

Nothing 13: 00-14: 59 寅 丑 庚 午 未

Shen Xia 15: 00-16: 59 寅 丑 庚 午 申

时 17: 00-18: 59 寅 丑 庚 午 酉

19: 00-20: 59 寅 丑 午 戌

Hai 21: 00-22: 59 寅 丑 庚 午