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Dream of sweeping water

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Dreaming of sweeping, five lines of main water, but the Torker is a sign of money, and there are other people in the main business. Everything is honest, don't have greed, and the persevers who have passed people have a fortune.It can be thriving, this is the mega of Xiangrui, the winter dream, the spring dream is unlucky.

Middle-aged woman dreams, there are many people in the world, but they are a lot of small people around. Ascendants do not have the idea of self - proportion, and the career is mostly entangled by others.

Middle-aged man has this dream, the main life is more suspicious by others, the financial is difficult to improve, the people are round, can be wealthy, such as the personality is too stubborn, then the cause is more suspicious of others, this is an unjiji.

The elderly have to have this dream, family harmony, life is smooth, and there is more good luck with the children and grandchildren.

Dreams from the relevant industry in planning, review, are the recent wealth of wealth, with the tutty of the people, the big fight, two defeat, and the cause is more uneasy.