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Dream of smile

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of smiling, the five elements of the fire, I have to be aware of this dream, the career is involved in others, and there are too many people, there is a disadvantage, and everything should be clear, and they should be big, summer.Dreams of girli, winter dreams unlucky.

Dreaming in the outside of the outside, dreaming of smile, seeking money in the southwest, being entangled by villains in the career, seeking money to the northeast, the sign of the main fortune, good at operator, more good luck.

Single man dreams, the opposite sex is complicated, the things of emotions, don't be entangled, and everything is natural, it can be good.

Middle-aged women have this dream, the wealth is rich, the career is booming, and the people are just right, and the towels do not let the eyebrows, they do things, they can help each other, this is a singer.

The elderly dream, the family relationship is not equal, the family has something to get along with the entanglement, and everything can be relative to the family's tutty.

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