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In April 2022, we have a good day.

real teen faith real teen faith

I want to know which day, which is suitable for signing contracts in April, I have to query the yellow calendar, from Ibbuilding, 4 days of signing the contract in April 2022, 5 days, respectively, April 4, April 7, April 19, 4 On the 20th, on April 25th, everyone can choose the best day sign contract.

The following is a detailed list of the old yellow calendar of Zhou Gong Ji Dream official website for you in April 2022:

1, Guan Calenda in April 20224Day, weekone

[Agricultural] Yunluna March 4 [Yi] Kaiki Voucher Trading Hanging Holiday Sacrifice Blessing Open into the House Migration Tang Die Die Down [Avoid] Marrying the mourning rack horse is a beam haircut, animal husbandry, burial, harvest, homework [time] 1 B is:9: 00-10: 592 午 午:11: 00-12: 59; 3:19: 00-20: 59[Chong] snake

2, Guan caucasian April 2022SeduceDay, weekFour

[Agriculture] 阴】 三 三 【【【【】】 券 券 券 券 券 券 券 券 券 券 券 券 券 券 券 市 市 市 市 市 市 市 [忌 忌] Entering the burial into the home [Time] When the armory:15: 00-16: 59[Chong] rushing to the monkey

3, Guan Causa in April 202219Day, weektwo

[Agricultural] Yunluna March 19 [Yi] Marrying Opening Excellence and dismantling into the population, open the city, the trading is homes, migration [Avoid] Praying into the sacrifice of the stove burial detection [time] 1 Y Y Yu:9: 00-10: 592 申 时:15: 00-16: 59; 3 times:17: 00-18: 59; 4 戌:19: 00-20: 59[Chong] rushing to the monkey

4, Guan caucasian April 202220Day, weekthree

[Agriculture] Yunlun March 20 [Yi] Marry travel account crown 笄 安 床 服 成 成 服 作 交 交 券 券 券 券 券 券 殓 柩 [忌 忌] Words the auditory open market [hour] 1 Ding Yu:9: 00-10: 592 Geng Shen:15: 00-16: 59; 3 Xinyi:17: 00-18: 59[Chong] rushing chicken

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