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Dream of rice noodles

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of rice noodles, I have this dream, five elements are wood, is a signs of emotional, don't work with others, and it is difficult to feel, this is an unjiji, spring dreams of Geely, summer dreams unlucky.

Single man has this dream, the five elements of the main wood, the career is high, and the idea of being entangled in the world, and everything should be cautious, do not impulsive.

The woman who is just married dreams rice noodles, and has a lot of love, the two are not in harmony, and the life is nothing, the relationship between her mother-in-law is not easy.

Ask the scholar dream, the academic has improved, and the ability is abroad, and the cranes are in the group.

The elderly dream, the career is high, and everything is not greedy, and it is difficult to sign a good sign.

Engaged in drinks, tea and drinks, etc.

Engaged in chemistry research, chemical paints, etc.