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Queen 2022, June 27, 2022, a few days of the lunar calendar

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Guan Causa June 27, 2022 is the Lunar Calendar May 21. On June 27, 2022, the 178th day of the Gregorian calendar, 187 days from 2022. Let us let us know what day is the lunar calendar on June 27, 2022.

First, Queen 2022, June 27, the Lunar New Year, a few months

Gregorian calendar: Monday, June 27, 2022 lunar calendar: 2002, May, 廿 Dry: 寅, 午 月, 日 日 Chinese Zodiac生 生 属 虎 Rush: Snake (B has been) Fetal god: Northeast of the kitchen bed Peng Zu: Xinzhi Sam owner does not have to marry the groom

Second, what is Zodiac? June 27, 2022?

Today is a pig day,Snake, Snake being rushed. According to the principles of the Hyprise Principles, the snakes are rushed, so people who have a snake need to pay attention to this day on June 27, 2022.

Third, the Gregorian calendar June 27, 2022 is the Huangdao Jiji?

[Yi] Sacrifice prayers, seeking light, travel, logging, fire, repair, repair, roof, roof, housing, migration [忌 忌] Marriage, open market trading, funeral burial

June 27, 2022 was Huangdaoji. Because today is the twelve starryGo on a daily dayEntity of things is not changed. Everything is happy, the murder is taboo.

Fourth, what is the position of the fortune on June 27, 2022?

Queen 2022, June 27, 20022Oriental, God positionsouthwest, Fu Shen positionnortheast.

V. June 27, 2022, June 27

0: 00-0: 59 When the child is horses [] Sacrifice prayers travel to engage marriage to housing construction cover house burial [忌 忌] None

1: 00-2: 59 ugly 冲 羊 东 ! []

3: 00-4: 59 寅 冲 冲 北 ! []

5: 00-6: 59 冲 冲 西 [] None []

7: 00-8: 59 Chen time rushing dogs [] 赴 任 词 福 嗣 嗣 [忌 忌] None

9: 00-10: 59 巳 冲 冲 东 [] Pray for the engagement marriage, travel [忌] Suzaku must use a Phoenix to make a burial

11: 00-12: 59 times, rushing ! []

13: 00-14: 59 No time to punch ! [忌 忌] None

15: 00-16: 59 Shen Xi Taozi ! [忌] White Tiger must use the unicorn to make a good thing to sacrifice

17: 00-18: 59 酉 酉 冲 兔 东 [] Ask for marriage, migration, housing, open market, transaction, bury, burial [忌] sacrifices to blessing fast reward

19: 00-20: 59 冲 冲 北 [] See also Guiqing to marry into the population migration burial []

21: 00-22: 59 Hai Shi Snake [] See also Guiqing to marry into the population migration burial []

23: 00-23: 59 When the child is rushing to the South [] Pray for the engagement marriage to marry the money [忌] Go to the construction of migration travel