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The first melon of the New Year: Did Li Xiaolu really split from the eight characters?

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The rumors of Jia Nailiang, Li Xiaolu and PGONE have become the first New Year in the entertainment industry. Whether Li Xiaolu really splits the "Hip -Hop in China" champion PGONE has become the focus of attention after the tea. Even the "National Husband" Wang Sicong joined the cousin to eat melon. Let's take a look at the eight characters of Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu.

This is Jia Nailiang's eight characters

From the birthday announced by Jia Nailiang, he is a person in Binghuo. He was born in Chenyue and weak. In the eight characters, there are Jiamu Lao gods to eat, and there are also officials and water officials. The true personality is more depressed, and the inner pressure is great. It is more difficult for him to truly control his wife, and he is more obedient. In 2016, 2017 happened to be Bingshen and Ding Yuenian. Bing Ding was a robbery for him. In the past two years, it is easy for competitors to appear in marriage.

On the other hand, his wife Li Xiaolu's eight characters, Xin Jin was born in the month, strong, and the boldness was very strong, strong, and unconvinced. Over the years, there are quite a lot of negative news around Li Xiaolu himself, and her "plastic flower friendship" of her girlfriends in the circle has often become everyone's talk. This eight -character official star is weak and rootless, manifested as a weak at home, and the real person is actually his wife. For strong women, they usually like to be wounded, that is, children. In reality, Li Xiaolu's daughter Tianxin is indeed popular, adding a lot of popularity to her.

Xin Jin's official official is Binghuo. From the yen, their husbands and wives are quite fate. The year of the official killing of Xin Jin from 2016-2017 meant that she would encounter a suitor during this time.

Marriage is like drinking water, knowing cold and cold, and as outsiders of the bureau, we cannot easily determine whether it is right or wrong. I just hope that this couple can cherish the rare fate.