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In 2022, the Mid -Autumn Festival can not return to the mother's home Mid -Autumn Festival reunion, but back to the mother's house

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As a reunion festival, the Mid -Autumn Festival is the meaning of reunion in the family in the traditional sense. Of course, if we think we want to go back to the maid's house, it is also possible, but some people think that the daughter who marries should actually be another family, but Now people are not necessary to argue about this traditional custom, because no matter which home is, it is worth celebrating.

In 2022, the Mid -Autumn Festival can not return to the mother's house

In the Mid -Autumn Festival, I generally do not return to my mother's house. In fact, this is not related to our local customs. The main may be related to the family. Of course, in traditional culture, people do not return to their maid's house because in the Mid -Autumn Festival in the Mid -Autumn Festival On this day, it is more before and after farming. It was a relatively reunion day, but because of the more harvested in autumn, many people would not return to my mother's house. Instead, choose to stay at home for farm work.

Mid -Autumn Festival

One autumn rain and a cool, that is, when the autumn is not until Sanfu Tian, ​​it has begun to mix with a cold cold spring. Covering the autumn freezing is a way of health. If we want to protect it in autumn Our body, neck, and ankle must be kept warm, and we cannot be invaded by the cold, especially the operation of blood vessels in the muscles and the growth of our muscles. Careful protection, so we can soak our feet more in autumn to help us keep the warmth in our body.

Mid -Autumn Festival poems

Looking at the moon, Zhang Jiuling. At this time, at this time, the lovers were resentful and night. Tianzhu Temple August 15 Night Guizi. Tang, Pi Ri. Yu Yishan Shan Shan's next monthly wheel, he was picked up in front of the hall. So far, it will not be a heavenly thing, it should be Chang'e throwing people. These ancient poems usually describe the moon, osmanthus and Chang'e are the beautiful scenes of the Mid -Autumn Festival.