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Wanfu's life is not good, Wanfu's life is a debt repayment marriage?

real teen faith real teen faith

Today, when many men marry their wives, they want to find Wanfu women. Because such a life -saving woman usually brings good luck to her husband, and will also make her husband's wealth soar. So is the people of Wangfu's own life not good? Was Wangfu's marriage marriage?

Wangfu's people are not good at their own lives

Luck will be sucked away

A woman with a rich life and a prosperous husband will bring very good luck to her husband, and will make her husband always have a better fortune. But these women's original luck is very good. Maybe after marriage, her good luck will take away. Then they have no good luck, and they often get mildew in their lives, and they are not going smoothly.

Always worry about others

Generally speaking, Wangfu's women often worry about others. Maybe they do not do well in their own things, and they also need to help others do things. Especially to help their husbands at all times, because they will become husbands to help. Not only to help their careers, but also to help them handle their trivial matters at home, which will make them very tired.

It will be abandoned

Women in related parties can't escape the fate of being abandoned, because they will bring a big change to their husbands in the early stage. Maybe they live a poor life before marriage, but there will be a lot of changes after marriage. Then the living conditions go up, they may not be needed, and they are likely to be abandoned by her husband.

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