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Will you put down your work because of global travel?

real teen faith real teen faith

For many people, their desire is to travel around the world, and you can look at the world outside. But the biggest question is what do you do? So you will put down your work because of global travel? Test, you know the answer, let's take a career test together!

Every time you meet the difficulties, you will be more willing to consult with anyone. A, talk to your parents

B, talk to the teacher

C, talk to my colleagues

D, talk to the tree hole

[Look down after choosing! The answer is below] Don't steal the answer == = =

Test Answer: a, you will resign since the global travel, you will work because of the global travel, because you think that you are a crazy thing. If you want to wait until yourself be free, then you can do it, you may not be your heart. Therefore, you will give up our work without hesitation, and then keep working after traveling back.

B, you will work while traveling, you will not choose to give up your work and go around the world, because you think that travel is a big money. No money is a poor tour, which is not very cool to play. Only the continuous income of the source can only support yourself and continue to play. So you will work while traveling, so that you are all beautiful.

C, you will go to a few places a year, you will not choose to resign, this is because you feel that the tourism is part of life, but work is a big guarantee for your future. There is no job, you may have no everything. So what you think is the best way is to go a few places in a year, then you will go a lot of places.

D, you don't like to travel at all, you are the kind of person who is not interested in travel, you feel that every place is not almost almost. It's just from a place that you are bored to others. In fact, there is nothing to play, and it is more important to have special waste. So you would rather stay in the house, don't want to spend the money. ()