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"QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games" Hanyu Knight acquisition method introduction

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QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games recently launched the new car M1 Motor Hanyu Knight. Many friends want to know how this Hanyu Cavaliers should get it. Today, I brought you the introduction of "QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games" Hanyu Knight acquisition method. Interested friends, let's take a look.

"QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games" Hanyu Knight acquisition method introduction

M1 Motor Hanyu Knight Mission Free

Activity time: May 7th-May 22nd

Endless Hanyu, Plasma Riding! From now-May 22, the drivers can get the Hanyu fragments to complete the task. Use the specified number of fragments to participate in the lottery. Each time it must be rewarded, the props that have been obtained will not be repeated!

You can get the final award with up to 12 Hanyu fragments -M1 Motorcycle Hanyu Knight! Traveling to space with a motorcycle, it is very handsome to think about it ~

▲ Hanyu Cavaliers

Hanyu Cavaliers' body is made of aerospace materials. With aerospace engine and science and technology deformation technology, the performance has been greatly improved.

Exclusive features: When the first place is behind, automatic gas collects 1.5%per second and nitrogen power is+6%(the effect after the first place is the end of the first place)

The above is all the contents of the "QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games" compiled by Xiaobian's "QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games".