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"Rubbing Dungeon" characteristic selection Daquan

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Many players in the game of "Runaway Dungeon" want to know how to know output, assist, melee, and meat characteristics. So today, I will introduce you to the characteristics of the characteristics of the underground city. Do n’t miss it if you need it.

"Rubbing Dungeon" characteristic selection Daquan

1. The output universal characteristics are slow+blood -sucking+hammer+low (the assassin can change armor, and BOSS can be lowered).

2. Auxiliary universal traits are generally recommended, slow+hammer+high opening+anti -violence (can be adjusted to prohibited therapy according to demand, death, armor -breaking output does not need to be brought or hit).

3. Suggestions for the selection of melee, slow+hammer+high opening+low (blood -sucking, armor -breaking).

4. Suggestions for the choice of meat, slow+hammer+high -opening+storm resistance.

The above is the characteristic choice of "Rubbing Dungeon". For more game strategies, please continue to pay attention!