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"Dreamless" color cloud fairy skill table

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Many players in Dreamless Games are still unclear, what are the specific skills of Caiyun Fairy. Next, let Xiaobian bring you the colorful cloud fairy skill table of "Dreamless". Interested friends, let's take a look, hope to help everyone.

"Dreamless" color cloud fairy skill table

1. Yujian Gemini (Passive): In the time of skill, it is [菡 仙] to increase the attack power for a period of time.

2. Caiyun Sword Method · Hundred Blade: Sword swords leading to multiple cuts.

3. Caiyun Sword Method · Gathering: Caiyun Fairy holding a sword with a sword and a finger, then swords forward to cut back and forth, and throw a flying sword over the enemy. Release the sword tactics and cut off the ground.

4. Poke beads · Gaoming: Caiyun Fairy took out the magic weapon · Predemage beads. After a period of time, poke the pearl light to illuminate the enemy in front, causing the enemy to fall into the [blind] abnormal state and reduce the [hit] attribute.

The above is the entire content of the colorful cloud fairy skill table of "Dreamless". Please pay attention to more mobile game strategies!