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"Dungeon 3: Poetry of Soul" 240 Crossing Tarius Playing Raiders

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Many players in the game of "Dungeon 3: Poetry of Soul" do not know how to play 240 over Tarius, so today I will introduce you to the Dungeon 3 Soul Psalm 240 Crossing Tarius Playing Raiders, Don't miss it if you need it.

"Dungeon 3: Poetry of Soul" 240 Crossing Tarius Playing Raiders

Yuanhang wore a giant god's clothes belt. The dog weapon was snake bow+poisoned jewelry. After eating three pears (probably gambled).

Because it is necessary to enter the world, the main C240 ​​has been zipper. 240C is enough to cope with all maps other than the barrier of the waste town except the war god (100%of the waste town and Qiming Town).

Specific way of playing: Five beans, voyage (I washed 80 negatives) directly roar (reduced resistance and reduction). Because of eating pear, swallows are easy to overlap and reduce resistance. Swarming above the layer, then the swallow roared, the voyage continued to roar, and waited for the 8 -layer to reduce the swallow and yell again. When the rear shouted, the swallow roared immediately, and try to keep the swallows eating a strong attack incentive.

At this time, if the bear can control the best, it is not possible to control the BUFF and other controls. After controlling it, the remaining beans will be shouted (I am afraid that the treatment is reduced to reduce the treatment, so I can leave a bean. At this time, there are about 50%of the average warlocks. While keeping the blood volume of more than 65%(swallow giant set BUFF) on the other side, it will be controlled and continued. The effect is very obvious. At this time, Tarius was almost crazy, and you only had a swallow to roar, and you were over.

It can take a lot of factors for this equipment and draw 3 times 250. In order to paralyze, it was drawn once, so there were extra drawings as giant gods and belts.

The above is "Dungeon 3: Poetry of the Soul" 240 Crossing Tarius. For more game strategies, please continue to pay attention!