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How to brush the equipment of King Arthur Knight

real teen faith real teen faith

In "Arthur: The Legend of the Cavaliers", players use SL to refresh the equipment in the game, and after upgrading the building, the store will go out of oranges. It is generally recommended that players have better equipment after 3 tasks.Can.

Equipment acquisition method sharing

Three task stores will make up for the goods. After upgrading the building, the store will outfits oranges or even 2 pieces, so after finishing the progress, save a file, and then click the task to go out to check the store.It can be brushed repeatedly, and the golden box in the progress task can also be brushed

Progressive taskThe main line supports, but the golden box needs to change things, such as picking up a money pile. In addition, opening a wooden box will change this random parameter, but random items are in a few fixed.

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