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The best date of entering the house in April 2023

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For people to enter the house, for people, they are what they should experience. When they experience things, they are still very excited in their hearts. At the time, choosing a suitable time, your future home fortune will be better.

The best date to enter the home in April 2023

Gregorian calendar April 1, 2023, February 11th of the lunar calendar, Saturday, Yongyang (Gui Wei) Shadong

【Fu Shen】 Zhengbei

On April 5, 2023, February 15th, Wednesday, Wednesday, Chong Pig (Ding Hai) Shadong

【Fu Shen】 Southeast

Gregorian calendar April 14, 2023, February 4th of the lunar calendar, Friday, Yin Monkey (Bingshen) Shabei

【Fu Shen】 Zhengdong

Gregorian calendar April 17, 2023, February 27th of the lunar calendar, Monday, Chong Pig (Jihai) Shadong

【Fu Shen】 Southwest

Gregorian calendar April 21, 2023, the second day of March of the lunar calendar, Friday, Chong Rabbit (Gui Yan) Shadong

【Fu Shen】 Zhengbei

On April 26, 2023, on the seventh day of March of the lunar calendar, on Wednesday, the monkey (Wushen) Shabei

【Fu Shen】 Southwest

Someday to the house

This article only selects Jishen in the reign of various factors, but only refers to the yellow calendar, and does not refer to the eight characters.

What you need to pay attention to when entering the house

1. When entering the house, pay attention to the feng shui problem. Feng Shui should not be too low. If the house is built in a low -lying place, the air will not be circulated, resulting in the weakness of the residents and the unreasonable awareness of innovation.

2. Generally, the seven treasures need to be prepared, and there must be a certain number, which must not be wasted. As long as Qibao is prepared for a small bag for each, and a red paper of ten yuan is posted on the Qibao, different auspicious words can be written on the red paper, such as: recruiting wealth and Jinbao, auspicious Ruyi ... and so on. Inside the house, you can place it on the living room coffee table.

3. The entry ceremony in the southern Fujian region will be relatively complicated, and many factors must be considered. Before entering the house, the owner should ask the mud watermaker to pick up the copper coins or grain rice in the new house.