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Constellation Goddess Water Bottle One week's fortune (5.16-5.22)

real teen faith real teen faith

In terms of work,Shui Ni has been in progress, so the thoughts in your work will be a bit confusing. Although many things are busy, it is because you have no planning and do a lot of useless work. However, if you have a lot of communication, docking, copywriting, and documents in your work, it will be very smooth. In addition, the full moon of Scorpio takes place in your career palace, so some friends and boss will give you some additional tasks or look forward to you recently. You need to pay a lot of effort to achieve.

In terms of finance,You do n’t have much planning for money, there is a confusion in expenditure. Some friends may even have emotional consumption. When you encounter your favorite, you do n’t hesitate to spend money to buy it. It is recommended that you do not impulsive, spend money for a while, and have no savings.

In terms of learning,For the student party, this is a very favorable period. You can expand your knowledge with your own hobbies and learn things that are very interested. If you have a recent exam, as long as you have more patientness, spend less time eating, drinking and playing, and calming your heart to review your heart, you can get good results.

In terms of feelings,For single people, you have your own standards and requirements for the other half. Some friends may know some high -quality peach blossoms under the introduction of relatives, elders or friends at home. If you do not exclude blind dates, you can see it recently. For those with a partner, your previous emotional contradictions will be eased. Some friends will also spend a happy and warm two people in the other half.

In terms of health,You may have some problems such as allergies and inflammation. Some friends may also have recent fires, oral ulcers, and tonsil inflammation.

Suggestion: No matter what, learning is your best teacher.