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How to resolve the characteristics of stupid people

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Different people have different appearances, their appearances have different influence on each other, or they show different inherent quality of each person. Today, let's take a look at the characteristics of this stupid person.

The characteristics of stupid people

Short tongue

If a woman's lips and tongue have problems with a free fortune -telling marriage, this indicates that their lives are not good, and they cannot live a happy life for a lifetime. From the perspective of face, a woman with a short tongue is not eye -catching. She is very myopia and has a bad mind. She always likes to argue with people around. In fact, she has no knowledge at all, so she will not have a good life. When they encounter difficulties, they always can't think of solving problems. They are easy to make themselves inferior. A trivial matter will make them nervous and make people see their surprise. They like to do small questions. In fact, many people think they are stupid and cannot live a good life.

The eyes are absent -minded

A person's eyes are godless, like the eyes of dead fish. Such people will definitely give people a bad feeling. A blind IQ must be very low, their thinking ability is weak, and those who have no ability to judge are stupid, so people can see their stupid side and belong to a talented person. They don't know how to distinguish right from wrong. They will do anything that others let them do, and they will only follow the thoughts of others. They don't know it at all, so they are not easy to succeed and belong to stupid people.

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