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What are the fatal disadvantages of Libra women?

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As the saying goes: "People are not perfect", there are no perfect people in this world. Whether they are saints or leaders, everyone will have some disadvantages and time when they make mistakes. The disadvantages of some people are sloppy, while others are three hearts and two minds. As long as they are not fatal disadvantages, there is no big deal. But if it is a fatal disadvantage, then you are likely to cause your life to get worse. So now let's take a look at the fatal disadvantage of Libra women?

Too pursuit of face value

The fatal disadvantage of Libra women is that they are typical face control. They are very concerned about a person's appearance. Whether you are good or not, as long as you look good enough, they will be willing to be friends with you. Therefore, Libra women always make mistakes with their appearance, and they always offend a lot of people in this shortcoming. Moreover, Libra women can easily have trust in people with high face value. They will trust each other unconditionally and share their things with each other, so they will always be easily deceived by others.


The fatal disadvantage of Libra women is that they are too tangled and hesitant. No matter what they do, there is no way to make a decision by themselves, and they often hesitate for a long time. The lack of courage Libra women often missed good opportunities because of their indecision, which caused their work ability to be suspected of being suspected of people around them. As soon as they meet what they need to choose, they will start to shrink habitual, and then seek help from the friends around them.

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