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Specific time to be born in Leo? Personality analysis in different interval

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Leo is a bold and righteous constellation. Treating friends can insert a knife. So what are the specific months to a few days and a few days, how about Leo? What is the personality of this constellation? Xiaobian analyzed their personality on Leo in different areas, let's take a look!

Specific time to be born in Leo?

The fifth house of the Twelfth Palace of Yodo, the date of birth isJuly 23 ~ August 22, Located on the east of Cancer, west of Virgo. The constellations in the late summer and early autumn are human inner potential and soul.

Personality analysis in different sections of Leo


Personal stars are the sun, which greatly stimulates physical and mental activities, and the dual effects of the sun make you have a tendency to like to change and reform. He is cheerful and shows a enthusiastic nature.


I hope that enthusiastic personality and cheerful behavior will help you offset the disadvantages of this constellation's abnormal enthusiastic and fierce violence.


Mars symbolizes war. You are affected by it. You are a vibrant and very courageous person. This will help you overcome the shortcomings of Leo's inferiority and drive you to achieve your own wishes.