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There are moles in women's ears, there are many peach blossoms in life

real teen faith real teen faith

Merlism is a method of surgery summarized by our ancestors. It is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients. After thousands of years of inheritance, it has important guiding significance for our life and fate. We can roughly understand the marriage fortune, career development, wealth, and even our life. Do you have any explanations to women with moles with ears?

There are many women with moles in the ear door

In phase learning, the ear door mainly represents the inner defense ability, symbolizing the inner closure. If the ears of female friends have moles, it means that this kind of female friends are not easy to grasp themselves. They like to be attracted by the opposite sex. They have a temperament that attracts the opposite sex everywhere. Often there are many peach blossoms. Therefore, the mole here is also called peach blossom mole. Women with such moles are very strong, the opposite sex is very good, and they enjoy the attention of the opposite sex. But it is worth noting that if the peach blossoms are too strong after marriage, it is easy to appear peach blossoms.

Women with moles on the back of the ear have noble luck

If a woman's ears have moles, noble people are better. When symbolizing such women when encountering bumps, nobles will help to help, helping themselves, and get rid of the predicament. Usually such a woman is born with an enlightened personality and does not like to go to extremes. Everything can be considered from the perspective of each other, and will not give their subjective will to others. It will be easy to get along with such people. There are also many friends around.

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