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"Battle of Golden Shovel"

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The battle of the gold shovel has officially updated the S6.5 neon night version, and many small partners want to know how to play the new version of the explosion of the Aike. Today, Xiaobian brought you a "Golden Shovel Battle" to explode the Aike lineup Raiders. Take a look at the little friends who are interested.

"Battle of Golden Shovel"

First, lineup

1, chess pieces

Buron (4) Carter (2) Mouse (1) Ak (3) Clown (3) Akari (5) Men's Knife (2) Robot (2)

2, embarrassment

6 assassin 3 Cindida 2 bodyguard 2 poke

3, Hethers recommended

Preferably, the assassin turn, DD block, smoke bomb, the soul of the assassin

Alternative: Star bid, famous heart, Baobao bag, cut throat battle

Second, the equipment recommended

Time assassin - Aike

Endless Blade (Storm Sword + Boxing Set)

Justice (the tears of the goddess + punch)

Damn of death (useless big stick + useless great stick)

The main C Aike, endless essential, assassin core, flat a is very painful and guaranteed that the skill is 100% crit to play 250% of the extra bursting; the second recommended a big hat, hard to raise Eike's foundation damage to 656, if you don't change the ghost book, Aike can secure the second person as long as there is endless basics; the last recommended Justice will increase the battery, and can add a percentage of damage, no, can change the mercury, science gun, resurrection tolerance .

Devil Clown - Sarko

Lu Anna's hurricane (the bow + negative cloak)

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