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"Golden Battle" Neon Night Hill Battle Raiders(2)

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This lineup is equipped with spells and physical outputs. And attack speed, or you can restore the speed of the knife crit in the canyon. If you have the opportunity to synthesize alchemy transfer, you can replace the murderer, double fighters can keep the front stability.

Hethers recommended:

Similar to the previous lineup, priority Nata equipment, the rest of the attack, the attack speed is installed. Relying on 3 alchemy + 2 struggles before, the previous period will win, upgrade D out 2 Star Ban and 1 Star Tower, and consider self-explosive 7 alchemy or 5 alchemy +2 law enforcement officials in the later period. Tongwang's good cut-in ability can easily restrain the lineup of the reserved row, such as the Cindi fox, aircraft, etc. However, the limitations of a single C-bit lineup is that the opening is very afraid of still blush and spiritual wind to blow to key characters and increase skills starting time. Everyone must pay more attention to the other skills when you stand up ~

3, Cindya black monster

Array-in combination: 5 Cindida + 4 scholars

As a set of pure spell output, 4 scholars' high back blue can greatly increase the Skidi fox's skill release, the front row bodyguard and the high-shield Mogana also provides a stable output environment for the fox. The advantages of this lineup are also available in many ways to develop, black and white magic, and the Cindi's black magic fox can become an alternative lineup of Shanta Tower. After all, the Tagata is too strong to cause internal volume, but eat a division Still good choice

Hethers recommended:

The opening of the game also grabbed tears, can use any Black Devils such as Hetus crow or Jendel aircraft to see the licenses to get Mogana, foxes and Liena tower as soon as possible, and at the same time to 5 Cindida. Search 2 star fox at 8 levels, Mogana is contemporary as an excellent front row and can be prioritized 3 stars. 4 scholars and Hillco have increased the output start speed and frankness of the body, very resting, such as a giant image, challengers, etc.

The above is the full content of Xiaobian's neon night Hill Battle Raiders, more game Raiders, please continue to pay attention to the "Gold Shovel Battle" neon night.

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