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"Golden Battle" Neon Night Hill Battle Raiders

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The battle of the gold shovel has officially updated the S6.5 neon night version, and many small partners want to know how to play the new version of the Hillko lineup. Today, Xiaobian has brought you a "Golden Shovel Battle" Neon Night Hill Battle Raiders. Take a look at the little friends who are interested.

"Golden Battle" Neon Night Hill Battle Raiders

1. Alchemy Granva Tower

Array combination: 6 fighters +3 alchemine +2 scholars

Since the Latina output needs to roll more than the meat, the fighters are the most suitable lineup, and the 蔚 + pig sister Huizhuang has a law enforcement office, which is very good to limit the front row of each other. Nice protection choice. The last emission of a fighting home to protect the rear of Hillco to prevent the opposite side.

Hethers recommended:

The must-have water droplets, find enough spirits, the core equipment back to the blue and ghost books, no technology guns can be replaced by the hand of justice. The Yidel plane can take the equipment to take the equipment, Judeer two stars can be saved and saved; the medium 3-2 6 people, strive for 4 fights + Liena + any scholar, you can prefer Schindra; post-8 D Out 2 Star Tower, Sohco and Left Five Fiscards, D does not have 5 Fischerko, Tumm and Victor can use VIP Sindla, any alchemy, guarantee 4 fight +3 alchemy + arbitrary Take a lot of fogs

2, alchemy overload self-explosion

Array Combination: 7 Alchemy Technology + 2 Scholars + 2 Challenger

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