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How does "Eldenance Ring" Prescons play? Praton Sambs Master fled to sharing

real teen faith real teen faith

How does Eldenphalia Huan Praden Sambis? Platon Sambs is a hidden BOSS in the Aldenndh Ring, which is still very strong. Many small partners have touched the wall here. The following small series will bring you Aldenphali-circus Ks Master fled to share, and I'm looking for a small partner.

Aldenphali Guan Praden Sambs Master fled to share

Need equipment:

Blood chopping, gold tree, oath, magic mirror, Xi Ni's dark moon, determination, comet Yazler, blood dagger, sacred dagger, high quality dagger, Caglia Suffle +10, Luser Titu stone pole +10 , The portrait of the witch, Queen, Lada Gan, Magic Teachers, Red Feather Seven Blade, Maryka's erosion, enhances magical injury and infinite blue dew drops,


1. Popularize your blood to the lowest with blood.

2, followed by the "Gold Tree Oath".

3, then release the magic environment.

4. After the blue strip is completed, the right hand is switched into a weapon with the sergeant knight.

5. Magic switches into the hint of Dieni.

Enter BOSS room:

1. Summon the ashes and move toward the left front.

2. After finding the right security distance, release the magic mirror, and the spirits.

3. Release the comet (BOSS is basically a target during the release of the magic).

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