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"All-Star Fighting" fire system strongest lineup with Raiders

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In all-star fighting games, the fire is a very popular gameplay. I believe that many small friends want to know how the fire lineup is mixed. Let Xiaobian brings you the strongest lineup of the "All-Star Fighting" fire, and interested friends. Let's take a look.

"All-Star Fighting" fire system strongest lineup with Raiders

1, lineup recommended: Jia Shen Shenzhi + thousand two mad dynamic lang + Li Li fire + inflammatory fate Chris + Zhenyuanzhai + festival Sanlang time.

2, the team characteristics: By continuous injury in the abnormal state of "burning" in the enemy, the array of burning detonation capabilities can cause high outbreak damage, and the grass is replaced by the town.

3, lineup yarn: Jia Shen Shen, anger attack detonated burning state, resulting in persistent injury. It is the increase in the increase in the burning status and increase the damage of the burning status when the grass is burned.

4. In the early stage, we arranged Jia Shen Shen 's post-strip of the output hand of the burning team, which offers full damage.

5. In the later stage, other members of the burning team, such as the thousands of mad, and the fate of the grass, the fate of the inflammation, the fate of the inflammation, can enhance the damage of the injury and team anger responses in the burning status, thus substantially improve the overall team Output capability. In addition, Jiayu Shen is in front of the "native" state, can also resist the fight against the fighter.

6, Recommended Station: Pre-rolled Jia Shen Shen, thousands of mad dynamic lang, Li Lanhu, back: Yanzhi Chris, Zhenyuanzhai, Tiancheng Sanyiro

The above is the full content of the "All-Star Fighting" fire, and the total content of the Raiders, more, please pay attention!